Learn about the Scav boss Killa in Escape from Tarkov.


Killa is a scav boss in Escape from Tarkov. He has as total of 890 health points, and is heavily armored. He wears his signature "Killa Edition" Maska-1SCh bulletproof helmet and Maska-1SCh face shield making it difficult to kill him with headshots if not using high penetration ammo. He also always wears a class 5 armor: the 6B13 M assault armor (Killa Edition). It is possible for Killa to spawn with any keycard or key in his pockets.


Killa has an extremely aggressive playstyle, where he relentlessly pushes and hunts down any players nearby, or that he has locked on to. He uses either an RPK-16 light machine gun, AKMS assault rifle, or PP-10-01 submachine gun, in addition to various grenades. The best option when fighting him is to stay behind cover and swing him as he is sprinting in order to get a short window of opportunity to kill him. You must use either very high penetration ammo (his mask is class 6, and his armor is class 5), or use high flesh damage rounds and aim for his legs or arms. Those are the only effective ways to take down Killa and survive.


Killa can only be found on the Interchange map. He can be found inside IDEA, OLI, or Goshan (Гошан). He can also be found inside or around the smaller stores on the first and 2nd floor of the mall. Killa has a 30% chance of spawning each raid.

  • Killa needs to be killed for the quests "The Huntsman Path - Sellout" and "The Huntsman Path - Relentless".
  • Killa needs to be killed 15 times for the quest "Overseas Trust - Part 1".
  • Killa needs to be killed 50 times for the quest "The Stylish One".