Learn about the Scav boss Sanitar in Escape from Tarkov.


Sanitar is a scav boss in Escape from Tarkov. Originally a doctor and scientist for TerraGroup Labs, he now roams Shoreline with his followers, possessing unique abilities and gear compared to regular PMCs and Scavs. He has as total of 1270 health points, and is heavily armored.

Sanitar's Followers

Sanitar has 2-3 guards who protect him. They have 1055 total health, and can spawn with a variety of different guns and grenades. Similar to the guards of other bosses, they are well armmed and armored. However, there is a unique ability that his guards posess that allow them to quickly heal themselves after taking damage.


When fighting Santiar and his guards, it is important to go for kill-shots immediately. Injuring them does not do much, as they are able to heal themselves back up. They are able to quickly recover from damage by using various injectors and meds.

In addition to Sanitar and his guards, there are usually also many regular scavs that spawn at the same locations that Sanitar does. While regular scavs are usually not difficult to deal with, having to deal with Sanitar, his guards, and a bunch of regular scavs may quickly overwhelm you.


Sanitar can only be found on the Shoreline map. He can be found inside or around the health resort, at the cottages, or at the pier area. He has a 30% chance of spawning each raid.

  • Sanitar needs to be killed for the quests "The Huntsman Path - Sadist" and "The Huntsman Path - Relentless".
  • Sanitar needs to be killed 15 times for the quest "Overseas Trust - Part 1".