Learn about the Scav boss Reshala and his bodyguards in Escape from Tarkov.


Reshala is a scav boss in Escape from Tarkov. He can spawn with high-value keys, keycards, or bitcoins in his pockets, and is required to be killed for many quests. He has 752 total health and wears no armor or helmet. Reshala is not very aggressive and will usually hide behind his guards instead of pushing. He always spawns with four bodyguards, who are much stronger than him.

Reshala's Bodyguards

All of Reshala's bodyguards have the last name Zavodskoy. They are dressed in blue and white striped police uniforms, and usually wear a green helmet (sometimes with face-shields). They are much deadlier than Reshala himself, and can spawn equipped with high penetration ammunition and multiple grenades. They are very aggressive and will push any enemy players. They usually play clumped together so be mindful of your ammo so you do not get pushed by the others while reloading after killing one bodyguard.


Reshala can only be found on the Customs map. He can spawn at Stronghold (Fort), New Gas Station, or Dorms. Reshala has a 30% chance of spawning each raid.

  • Reshala needs to be killed for the quests "The Huntsman Path - Trophy" and "The Huntsman Path - Relentless".
  • Reshala's Golden TT Pistol (100% spawn chance) needs to be found in raid for the quest "The Huntsman Path - Trophy".
  • 3 of Reshala's bodyguards need to be killed to complete the quest "The Huntsman Path - Justice".
  • Reshala needs to be killed 15 times for the "Overseas Trust - Part 1" quest.