Learn about the Scav boss Shturman in Escape from Tarkov.


Shturman is a scav boss in Escape from Tarkov. Also known by the moniker "Kojaniy," Shturman rules the Woods with an iron fist. He has as total of 812 health points, and is heavily armed. Shturman can spawn with high value keys or keycards, or the Red Rebel ice pick. Shturman also has a chance of dropping the "Shturman's stash key", which allows players to open the metal toolbox located on top of a tire leaning on a pile of wood logs.

Shturman's Followers

Shturman has 2 guards who protect him. They spawn with armor ranging from class 3 to class 6, are equipped with semi-automatic rifles and, occasionally, the VSS Vintorez 9x39 special sniper rifle. All of the followers' last name is Svetloozerskiy, which will show on the death screen if you are killed by them.


Engaging Shturman and his squad requires careful planning and precision. The ideal approach involves reconnaissance to determine their positions before attempting a stealthy takedown, prioritizing Shturman himself. Given that neither the boss nor his guards wear helmets, aiming for headshots is your best bet for a swift kill. However, engaging from a distance can be perilous, as Shturman's squad is well-equipped for long-range combat. Thus, closing the distance, while risky, might offer better chances for survival and victory.


Shturman can only be found on the Woods map. He can be found around the sawmill arena in the middle of the map. He has a 30% chance of spawning each raid.

  • Shturman needs to be killed for the quests "The Huntsman Path - Woods Keeper" and "The Huntsman Path - Relentless".
  • Shturman needs to be killed from over 75m away with a M700 Sniper Rifle for the quest "Hunting Trip".
  • Shturman needs to be killed 15 times for the quest "Overseas Trust - Part 1".
  • Shturman needs to be killed 20 times for the quest "Hunter".